Friday, 12 October 2012

Knights of The Holy Sepulchre — My Arse!

Little cross-crosslets everywhere. Ebay's heaving with them, and so are crafty dealers trays. Collectors cosset each and every of the many, many cross-crosslets they've undoubtedly got and in cotton wool, lest they break.

'Knights of the Holy Sepulchre' pilgrim badges is what they are .  .  .

My arse!

This what they really are and I've known it for donkeys years, as have all the dealers who really will know something of fixtures and fitments that'll fall in fields from....

Wait for it....

Nothing more holy than Victorian mirror frames!

I bought one at a boot sale probably ten years ago now, and liked it very much with its gilt & ebonised frame and little cross-crosslets hammered onto the angles — very gothic and quite pretty. But then I started to see those same cross-crosslets everywhere I cared to look.

Funny how no one ever shows us the reverse of these things, isn't it? I think you might find them die-stamped mostly and that was a technology that whilst actually known in the Middle Ages, was not perfected as an industrial production method till, you've guessed it, the Victorian era, when all these 'Knights of the Holy Sepulchre Badges' were really made to adorn Gothic influenced mirror frames and the like.

My mirror hangs in Zena's Bedroom festooned with chains and bead necklaces. I snuck in when she weren't there and took some hasty pictures. You'll forgive their blurred image but at least the truth of the matter is made far clearer by them than any amount of spurious claims made by the unscrupulous out there peddling them as what they ain't.

Four per frame. No wonder there's so many on the market! Did anyone but the terminally credulous really believe for even a moment that genuine 'Knights of the Holy Sepulchre' pilgrims badges could ever have been so very common that so very many would have survived a half millenium?

Perhaps, because people are very easily convinced against their better judgement when some 'expert' or another claims things are what he thinks they might be. There probably are genuine ones out there somewhere, after all how did this mass delusion start?

But I for one, think 99% of those that are claimed to be, are no such holy thing.

PS, there's one on Ebay finishing in two minutes and now at £15.49...

PPS, It finished at £18.50... now should I prize those little cross-crosslets from Zena's frame, I wonder? Or would the frame be worth more than the £74 they'd make with them left on ? Hmmmm...

PPPS, Zena really needs a duster!

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